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LS7 LED Signal Light
LS7 LED Signal Light
Patlite offers a "Smart and Smooth" Signal Tower to its lineup, the "LS7". By changing the surface of the body into a smoother form, the adhesion of water and dust is reduced. The structure no longer exposes any screws, shafts or other metals to be adaptable for various environments. With the state-of-the-art inner lens design, the LED emits a sharper, more efficient light. The sound frequence of the optional buzzer can "cut through" the sound from operating machinery that would normally drown out other buzzer sounds. The LS7 comes in a 3 tier or 5 tier model with an assortment of options, including the popular M12 connector.


・A smooth-surfaced body which does not expose any metal
 The lens cover is made of shock-resistant polycarbonate.
・A buzzer sound heard through various environments
・High-contrast Visibility
・Remarkable Display in ANY Environment
・M12 Connector Wiring & Stackable Construction
・Easy Attachment & no need for a Relay BOX
・All Plastic Bracket

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